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Borned in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1974. He attended at the Superior school of cinematography art (Escuela Superior de cinematografia). He has also studied and workshopped as an actor, in places such as the prestigious "Teatro General San Martin". He wrote and directed "Destino", "Hemofago", "Cien anos de perdon", "La espera", "Cuarto sellado", "Sol de Noche", "El mal necesario" and "Dosis" - famous short winner of the broadcast award "Telefe Cortos" 2004". His first film feature was "Carnal" (winner of Best director at the San Francisco fearless tales genre festival 2005). His 2nd film is the upcoming "Celo" already selected in 3 international Film Festival and not yet released. Fabian Forte is an award-winning Director who also became an actor working already in 8 films and 6 plays in theatre in Bs.As.
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