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Ang lica Vale is the daughter of Mexican actress Ang lica Maria Hartman Ortiz and Venezuelan comedian Raul Vale. He was born in the city of M xico on November 11, 1975. With only 2 months old appears on the soap opera the miracle of life, where her mother was acting. At age three he reappears in another production titled "Broken Doll" and the cakes and the coyote and the RIF war movies. For 1980 is selected and acts in the musical comedy "Zoila smiles". One year later shares cr credits with your actor Juan Ferrara and with her mother in the soap opera "The home that I steal". Best known would make was when in 1984 participated in the comedy musical "the wizard of Oz". After again actuary with his mother in "A star" and in 1988 was selected to play the role of Sandy in the musical comedy "Vaseline". At the same time, Ang lica took the opportunity to record their first album and started his role as host on the program stars of the nineties producing Raul Velasco. In 1988 his godfather Manuel Valdez, gave a few monkeys that she was baptized as paco and Daniel to remind his preschool friends who inspired him to do imitations from very small. Prior to the 1990s, he would return to the theatre in the works "Red shoes" and "MOM loves rock", in which also performed with Ricky Martin. After would be his sixth work in productions of this g nero in the telenovela "White angels". Continues to work on certain plays and can record a new album that "Our Show" title. In 1994 she was invited to participate in a Broadway musical in M xico, this would be Charly Brown and his friends, Ang lica towards the role of Lucy. A year after work on the soap opera "lazos de Amor" and later in the work "the island of children and was Dona In the Tenorio s." He worked with the deceased actress Mariana Levy in the melodrama "Bendita Mentira", until she was invited by producer Emilio Larrosa to act in the telenovela juvenil "Dreamers", giving life to Juliet. In 2000, he was in charge of the driving of the "Today" morning show for five months and a year later participated in the telenovela "Amigas y rivales". Ang lica Vale da voice for dubbed the character of Ellie version in the film "2 ice age". Soon Gets the role for the telenovela "La fea mas bella", gaining more popularity in foreign countries. For 2010, he works with his mother in the series "Mujeres Asesinas". Apart from being an outstanding actress of telenovelas and theater, Ang lica has excelled since very young for their ability to imitate other celebrities such as Gloria Trevi, Veronica Castro, Paulina Rubio, Thalia, and many others. February 19, 2011, Ang lica married the President of Univision Otto Padron. Almost a year after, on January 15, 2012, in the program parodying, the actress confirms her pregnancy, making hincapi that is undergoing one of the most beautiful moments of your life.
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